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Pic814Bryan at Austin Alehouse, Queens NYWhen I started this blog, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, meaning, I didn’t know if it would be a general blog about my interests, which are varied, or focused on my writing. I’ve been writing for about six years now, but I’ve been a musician for most of my life too, and sometimes the pull between these two forces in my life, (writing and music) seem to be working against each other.

In the recent past, I’ve seen the blog generally veer in the direction of my writing, and I’m quite happy with this. However, you may occasionally see posts from me that are music related or tech related. The one is the other of my passions and the other provides the means for my indulgence.

I have undergraduate degrees in Music and Computer Science and a graduate degree in Computer Science and I’m decidedly drawn to science fiction as a genre, although I like to dabble (literally) in all the forms. I’m drawn to fantastic and noir fiction but strive to write literary pieces. Is there a moral here? As my other avatar I play guitar and keyboards and you can hear some of what I sound like through Reverbnation on my Facebook page if you’re so inclined. Currently, I’m into Post-Rock music, aka ambient, which I’ve always been drawn to for its abstract experimental nature.

I’m currently writing two long form novels, the first of which is historical fiction (what! you say?) and the second is science fiction.

My Works In Progress-

AKSAILA: The Cloud Kingdom



Recent Posts

Pathogen – A quarantine introspective

Pathogen - A quarantine introspectiveThis is a deviation from what I normally post on this site, but then, in addition to writing, I’m also a musician.

During the pandemic lockdown in NYC, March to June 2020, I was, home, not working, and instead of writing, I composed a thematic work that expresses my thoughts during that time.

It’s an EP, named Pandemic, recorded at home.

If you’d like to see what else I dabble in besides writing, give it a listen.

Go here: https://bryanknower.bandcamp.com/album/pathogen



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