I am a phoenix

BryanSorry for the slightly pompous title of this post, but it’s been so long since I last posted that I do feel somewhat like the mythical bird. I see that my last post was in April, five months ago. At the time, I felt that creating and editing the short stories that I post to the blog were taking up too much of my time, preventing me from working on long-form writing. Also, I noticed that my blog stories were getting longer, breaking the mold of flash or short-short fiction. Clearly I needed to write longer. So I decided to get back to the long-form for a bit and take a hiatus from the adrenaline rush of writing short-short stories.

There have been positives and negatives. On the plus side, I am almost finished with a SF novel that I began last year. Soon it will be edit and re-write time. Need a break before that. On the minus side, I miss the quick thrill of writing and posting short stories. They’re very addictive to create and withdrawing from the process takes a toll, as I found out.

Anyway, my birthday is coming around and I though I’d treat myself by dabbling once again. I set out to write a piece of flash fiction, maybe six hundred plus words but not more than a thousand. Alas for my good intentions, I got carried away (like I usually do) and by the time I finished, a day later, the story was twenty-three hundred plus words and no longer flash fiction. Not even a short-short story. Still, I had fun writing it. I got the idea off an obscure writing prompt and ended up with a dystopian urban science fiction tale.

It’s called AFTERWHERE,  listed on the main page and also tagged as “Short Story”. Hope you like it.

The Catch 22 of posting writing snippets

Had to take some of my older posts down today. Not that anyone has looked at them, but they seemed to be potential candidates for submission to short short story ezines, and apparently, new submissions cannot appear in print or online anywhere. Bummer. So what do you post online if you can’t post your writing for fear of being unable to submit it later? I wish someone had an answer to this. I mean, simply posting random scribbling his hardly indicative of what you really write, and you can’t post better material for the reason I just mentioned above. Catch 22. I guess, once you have got them published, or if no one will actually touch the stuff, you can eventually put it back up. But seems a little sad to me.