Progress like a tortoise?

Well here’s a first for me. I’ve added some words to the novel draft completely outside the NaNoWriMo paradigm. I’m pumped. This was something I could not do last year. Nano ends, I shelve the project, start playing games instead of writing and get so far out of the novel environment that I can’t pick up the threads even if I want to later on.

This year’s different. Made a pledge to myself to try and write 1k words a week. This isn’t much, and even less when broken down to three or four day segments. Hence the header for this post. Like the race between the hare and the tortoise, I’m giving up the word sprints and deadlines of November for a slow but (hopefully) consistent approach year round. If I can maintain this through December, I have a good chance of not falling off the non-procrastination wagon. I see this as my personal 12 step program, although there’s only one step. This blog is like my cyber monitor.

I realize that this is all self absorbed navel gazing drivel I’m posting, but seeing the thoughts on the screen changes everything in some indefinable way, making it more real somehow. The power of words 🙂

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