Newest ebook out on Smashwords

A folk tale with a twistThrilled to put out another short story on Smashwords. Finding it a bit of a nuisance to publish separately on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it seems like the best way to go. Those editions should be available by week’s end.
This one’s a story set in a past fictional Sri Lanka aka Ceylon, The particular myth that fostered this story has been rattling around in my head for quite a while. I tried to research the topic and found very little online, so I thought I’d create my own fictional tale and weave in the elements of the legend. Hope it captures something of the strangeness of that myth.
Here’s the link-

2 thoughts on “Newest ebook out on Smashwords

  1. I remember that this was a familiar ghost and a few stories emerged about her in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) At the media tech housed in the British Film Institute(BFI) at London’s South Bank. There is in its computerised collection of movies and documentaries (free to view) the “Song of Ceylon” . In this documentary film narrated by Lionel Wendt, it states that ancient Lanka before Buddhism, was steeply involved in devil worship. It brought on the realisation that the culture of superstition ghosts and charms and devil dancers probably emanated from those ancient times.

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