Scarce warning heralds the spring shower
That drums tattoo on leaf and bower.
Washing clean the air, that moments prior
Veiled all view of heaven’s attire.
A blanket, sparkling over grass and sod,
Erasing all trace of dirt and mud.
Like colors in a painting renewed
Crystal clear and rainbow hued,
Restoring the heart of the sleeping land,
As if by some celestial artist’s hand.

Jeweled tips of twigs and branches glisten here,
Radiant in the canopy of Gaia’s sphere.
Myriad points of light that twinkle and sway
Ere gravity causes sweet disarray.
Joining siblings in one long mad rush
To feed the insatiable thirst of Earth’s dry crust.
While pierced by bright Sol’s ray,
Refracted rainbows twist and play
On each shimmering drop, each glamorous globe.
Courtiers, clad in rustling silk and jeweled robe.

And fleeting though their splendor gleams,
Ethereal as forgotten dreams,
They strut across the darkened stage
While all else stops and pays homage.
A tenuous veil from heaven downcast
Until heaven’s grief be past.
Yet gladdens heart and brightens eye
That bends its gaze at weeping sky.
Knowing well this performance must reprise
In time, when once more, Nature cries.

  — Bryan Knower

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