MicroFiction #07

MicroFictionDog Days (99 words)

It’s August, the water on Buzzard Bay so translucent it feels like I’m lying on a pane of glass. Trying not to splash, I roll over on my back just as a sailfish flies directly over me, fins spread, like a jeweled aquatic hurdler. The diamond shards of his watery wake create a rainbow of refracted colors through my half closed eyelids and I turn over again, trying to follow the quicksilver flash as he re-enters the water. He’s gone, like an apparition. All I see are the shadows of waves rippling on the sea floor thirty feet below.

2 thoughts on “MicroFiction #07

  1. OMG that’s just gorgeous!   Don’t mean to be pedantic but, there’s a speller on the page, says ‘fuction’, am assuming you mean fiction under 100 words or am I barking up a wrong tree.   Warm regards

    Geoffrey Jayasekera ‘happiness shared never decreases’

    • Hi Geoffrey, I looked at the image closely. It say “fiction” but the graphic is blurry enough to be mistaken. I’ll make a new graphic for the next post. Don’t really want to be writing “fuction” 🙂

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