MicroFiction #09

MicroFictionBAD ENDING (96 words)

Eddie only saw the bag because he sat on the park bench. He was alone, so he nudged the bag out with his foot and opened it.
The stacks of currency inside made him giddy. Savoring his fortune he dug deeper, feeling something under the bills. A gun!
This changed everything. Scared, he closed the bag just as two men turned the corner in the distance. They saw him, saw the bag in his hand and began to run towards him, making no sound. One drew a weapon.
Eddie ran, knowing it was already too late.

4 thoughts on “MicroFiction #09

    • This was an exercise in micro-fiction. At the time, I was trying to write stories in less than 100 words. As you felt, and I felt shortly afterwards, the 100 word format is really too restrictive to provide any kind of real narrative. Everything needs to be supplied by the reader’s imagination. Rather than my re-visiting this piece, why don’t you give it a shot and post it below this, or post on your own and link to this post? I’d be interested to see where someone else takes this.

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