The New York Times weighs in on self-publishing.

The New York Times has a decent article on self-publishing that accepts the premise that self-publishing is here to stay. Most of the important players are covered, (although I didn’t see Book Baby in the featured list of print copy enablers). The list of strictly e-book platform consolidators is comprehensive. Worth a look, if only to see if your platform of choice is mentioned/praised. The Joys and Hazards of Self-Publishing on the Web

Decisions, Decisions…BookBaby vs. Smashwords

Came across an interesting blog-post today about the relative merits of two major players in the self-publishing field. Interesting comparison. I would just add that if you are publishing short stories (or micro-books, as they are called today), Smashwords seems the way to go given the price factor on BookBaby.

Click the link below to see the post.

Decisions, Decisions…BookBaby vs. Smashwords.