MicroFiction #08

MicroFictionCHOICE (99 words)

Tchusin watched, horrified, as first one then another Xurthu battle cruiser winked into existence around Thiele, the blue sun of his home world Taleen. He raised his first appendage and scratched his eye-ridge anxiously. He knew his duty. The enemy hadn’t detected him yet because of his cloaking device, but using his tight-beam to jump to Taleen orbit would dispel the shield and leave him defenseless.
He could do nothing.
Wait for the Xurthu to leave.
But when they were gone, Taleen would be gone too.
Game over.
Exhaling noisily, he extended his third appendage to the tight-beam node.


2013 Nebula Awards nominees

2013 Nebula Award Nominees with FREE samples. Those marked “complete” can be read for free in entirety online. Great way to preview the latest science fiction writing-

See the full blog post by Jason Boog at the link below-


Farewell Ray Bradbury

Ray BradburySo the Fahrenheit Man is gone. Ray Bradbury, the master science fiction author of such classics as Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Illustrated Man died Tuesday at age 91.

Bradbury was one of the earliest science fiction authors I read years ago in Colombo.  where I used to browse the shelves of my friend P.A.’s father’s library. That exposure gave me a lifelong affinity for science fiction as a genre and a concept. I’ve always thought that science fiction writers were closest to philosophers in the breadth and scope of their vision and Ray Bradbury was certainly instrumental in the formation of that opinion.

The man may be no more, but his rich legacy lives on, and will continue to intrigue both the casual reader and the science fiction enthusiast for years to come. R.I.P.