A fresh start

So December came and went, pretty much with a whimper for me. I thought that after the flush of NaNoWriMo I would be well on my way to finishing the novel I started, but lo and behold, procrastination, that eveil gremlin, took hold, and I wrote not a word for the whole month of December. But like the proverbial phoenix, here I am, dusting off the debris of the old year, determined to finish what I started (in spite of all the snickers I can hear out there 🙂
So here’s to unfinished business, death to procrastination and back to the grind. I’ve signed on to an online course in writing Science Fiction, basically to keep me focused on writing. Not that it has anything to do with the novel I’m trying to finish, but at least it keeps me writing “something.”
Onwards and upwards then. I’ve added a ticker to this site to make me feel guilty every time I look at it and shame me into doing something to move that poor snail forwards a bit. Push !!!

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