DreamSparkle E-Zine

After a struggle and a bit of soul searching, I’ve managed to get the first issue of my e-zine online. DreamSparkle is obviously a work in progress, but I feel good that I was able to get it out there. One of the hardest things to accomplish was getting people to contribute. Evidently, everyone wants to ‘wait and see.’ Many thanks to those intrepid souls who took the plunge on faith. I salute you and your contributions.

Comments and commentary are welcome, as are suggestions, criticisms (gently please), advice, ranting, admonishments, blandishments, cajolery and obsequiousness. I’ll look and listen to all of them, though I can’t promise to act on any 🙂

Content is the focus.

Here’s a link to the site – D r e a m S p a r k l e

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