SFWA Response to Hydra Letter

hydraWill they blink?

SFWA’s response to a letter from Hydra. Thumbs up, SFWA.


Note to SF/F Writers: Random House’s Hydra Imprint Has Appallingly Bad Contract Terms

hydraWhy science fiction and/or fantasy writers should run like hell from Random House’s new Hydra imprint. Truly a many headed monster.


The New York Times weighs in on self-publishing.

The New York Times has a decent article on self-publishing that accepts the premise that self-publishing is here to stay. Most of the important players are covered, (although I didn’t see Book Baby in the featured list of print copy enablers). The list of strictly e-book platform consolidators is comprehensive. Worth a look, if only to see if your platform of choice is mentioned/praised. The Joys and Hazards of Self-Publishing on the Web

StoryBundle Debuts with Seven Indie Ebooks for One Pay-What-You-Want Price

StoryBundle Debuts with Seven Indie Ebooks for One Pay-What-You-Want Price.

Here’s a great deal that supports multiple elements of the e-book world. Authors get exposure, the distributor (StoryBundle) gets more books out there, the reader gets to pay what they think the works are worth, and part of the proceeds go to help e-publishing endeavors. This first bundle is science fiction themed. Excerpts of the works in the bundle can be perused at the StoryBundle website. Nice job.

Newest ebook out on Smashwords

A folk tale with a twistThrilled to put out another short story on Smashwords. Finding it a bit of a nuisance to publish separately on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it seems like the best way to go. Those editions should be available by week’s end.
This one’s a story set in a past fictional Sri Lanka aka Ceylon, The particular myth that fostered this story has been rattling around in my head for quite a while. I tried to research the topic and found very little online, so I thought I’d create my own fictional tale and weave in the elements of the legend. Hope it captures something of the strangeness of that myth.
Here’s the link-